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May 11

For those of you who think sex trafficking is happening somewhere else, think again. In February of 2015, a trafficking ring in quaint Franklin, Tennessee was broken up. Six people were arrested and face charges ranging from sex trafficking to money laundering to promoting prostitution. You can read the full article here. What Went Right: […]

Mar 25

Local and national authorities have tracked women being trafficked from state-to-state in an effort to keep victims disoriented and bring in new faces for johns. According to Alaska Public Media, the state’s supply seems to be coming from California. Read more about efforts to eradicate sex trafficking in Alaska here. Have women and children been […]

Feb 25

While this blog is first and foremost devoted to raising awareness of sex trafficking— particularly under the guise of massage therapy—and promoting the collective action to bring the industry down, sometimes progress elsewhere is well worth mentioning. Sweden had long been erroneously cited as a success story in the legalization of commercial sex. The fact […]

Jan 30

A police captain posed as man on the take over three months to rack up 30 felonies against four sex traffickers in Emeryville, CA. Insight into how this industry operates helps committed law enforcement officials ensure convictions. Read the full story here. To begin collaborating with your local law enforcement, check out these communication tools.

Jan 02

A man and woman are being charged with sex trafficking after seven Chinese nationals were found at three different operations on Colorado Springs. Kudos to local and federal law enforcement for differentiating between victims and perpetrators in this case. Read the full story here. To find out how to expose sex trafficking in your community, […]

Sex trafficking at the World Cup.
Jun 23

While often under the guise of massage therapy, sex trafficking takes many forms. In a tell-all documentary, a former sex trafficker explains how and why—and how easily—he sold girls and young women at sporting events. The video shows trafficking on the street, but most operations are run on the Internet and behind closed doors where […]

May 24

An article recently posted in DNAinfo Chicago illustrates both what to do, and what not to do, when reporting a commercial sex sting. On the down side, Casey Cora and Quinn Ford used the dreaded “Massage Parlor” in their headline, which confuses the general public as to the nature of the massage industry. To their […]

Mar 26

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk joins forces with Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez to hold advertisers profiting off the sex trafficking industry accountable. Backpage is in their crosshairs. “Everyone in America should be outraged that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin can make millions by victimizing young women,” Sen. Kirk added.  “It’s time to bring Lacey […]

ed walsh
Oct 03
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In June MSNBC aired another segment in their ongoing Sex Slaves documentary series entitled, “Sex Slaves:  Massage Parlors.” We watch as authorities conduct surprise inspections on a number of suspect establishments claiming to offer massage and spa services in San Francisco. They find women and girls hidden in walls, evidence of them living on-site, and […]

Aug 20

“Though Rubmaps.com is used by johns to facilitate their exploitation, it can also serve as an excellent resource for those seeking to end sexual harm. If used appropriately by activists and law enforcement, the information provided in this online community may be used to eliminate the real life community of johns, pimps, and traffickers it […]

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